about a blog

It happened. A blog is what happened. Another yoga blog, to be precise. Did the world really need another one? Don’t blame me. It was all his inspiration.

In the Fall of 2015, my cousin, a tea blogger, spent a week in NJ with my family before embarking on another wonderful journey far east. On the third day of his visit he began sharing his experience on blogging about his previous trip, planting a seed about a yoga blog. I was hesitant at first as writing doesn’t come easily for me. The idea of writing every week seemed daunting.

The next day he offered to show me the basics. Still doubtful, I sat through the tutorial on WordPress. The themes and menus for each blog designed by various artists looked great. The website provided all sorts of support to help a novice like me start a blog. It all seemed so simple, except it wasn’t. There was still the most important part of blogging – the content and actual writing part; the thought of which was terrifying.

Finally, he asked, ‘do you have something to share about yoga or your practice?’ Of course, I do. I have lots to say about yoga and my practice. Some people might say I have lots to say about everything. Then he helped me pick a theme, setup the blog page and upload my first post.

There is so much information about yoga and its allied practices. What will another yoga blog – this one – contribute? The information that I might include may be new to some but not for others. Sharing the beginnings of my practice which is still work in progress is probably a good place to start.

I want to share how continually surprised I am at how little I actually know each time I learn something new through daily yoga practice. And, that I have discovered the existence of many different techniques, – and variations to those techniques – that are being taught around the world. I want to share how long it took for me to realise that although one technique is not better than the other, it is important to know who teaches the technique, if it is adjusted to one’s health and personality, and how diligently one practices it.

Mostly, instead of usurping a sensational conversation about the newest version of the iPhone and turning it into a monolog about what ‘I’ claim to know about yoga, sharing my yoga experience via a blog seemed a better way. The pen, or rather the keys, have a better way of conveying ideas without intruding on peoples’ time.

And so,  yogajivan – a blog that describes ‘a (yogic) life worth living’ was born.

Thank you, Sharad.

And what better way than to begin by acknowledging and thanking all those who have made this yoga journey possible.

The first post – gratitude.

Much gratitude to those of you who have been loyal readers since its inception. I appreciate your feedback and support.

And a heartfelt welcome to those who are visiting yogajivan today. Your comments on the blog will fuel my inspiration.

If you have a question, or would like to suggest topics for this blog, or have questions about your personal yoga practice, please contact me at mythri2000@gmail.com.

See yoga-asana class schedule for information on classes.



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